Adventures of Ambages, The: Castle of the Goblin King IceValk Entertainment / Xing Interactive 2009

This is a 3D Puzzle Adventure. You guide Ambages, a cow man, through more than 14 Stages. The main gameplay consists of finding a way through the stage by solving riddles. Additionally, you can use your hayfork to battle goblins or other evil beings. There are four areas (village with surroundings, forest and lake, lava cave with fire temple, spooky manor with graveyard) with three stages each. You have to pass every level to reach the goblin castle. The game is free for all ages and playable on older systems due to a different graphics options. Features: 14 stages; 3 graphic options for older, normal and high-end systems; Complex riddles including switches and teleporters; Simple controls; Detailed stages; Toon shader, dynamic lightning and modern particle effects; Suitable for all ages; Hand-drawn storybook-like graphics. In 2016, the game was made freeware.
Free Game 320MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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