Asher Danl2o2o 2016

Early Access Release A retro inspired, platforming RPG. Set in a young boys world of dreams and nightmares. Level up, collect masks, use unique abilities, equip looted items, and take on challenging bosses. Using fast action, skill shots, and responsive player controls, Asher allows for a challenging and enjoyable game play experience. While playing as Asher it is up to you to take on the things haunting your dreams, find your sister Lila, and bring her back home. As of initial early access alpha release you will be able to: Explore nine levels each with two acts as part of adventure mode; Use seven masks each with a skin variant; Each mask has three unique abilities plus passives, (discover interesting interactions); Battle eight bosses; Collect buy and sell equipment loot, bosses drop different rarities of their loot item; Listen to thirteen original songs that will play as back drop to your adventure; Much more content to come in regular content updates, and hotfixes.
Download: None currently available

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