Yulhyul Kangho [K] KRGsoft / Sego Entertainment 2001

This is based on a Korean wuxia manhwa by Jeon Geuk-jin and Yang Jae-hyeon. In the game, the young hero Han Bi-gwang is attacked by assassins in his home and embarks on a journey to find who is responsible for the attack. On his way, he meets the young female martial artists Dam Hwa-rin, who accompanies him. The game is a series of battles with 3D characters on pre-rendered backgrounds, which are fought beat-em-up style in real time, with long comic book style conversations in between. With subsequent victories, the protagonist grows stronger and learns new fighting moves from his opponents.
Korean Full Demo 529MB (uploaded by myloch)
Korean 2CD ISO Demo 1.03GB (uploaded by annoyment)

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