Destination Pyramids Edmark / Riverdeep 1996

This is a reading tutorial, story writing, and language tutorial program designed for use by children with physical, cognitive, or visual disabilities. Using the theme of the life along the ancient Nile, users can create print and interactive electronic books, poetry, and essays as well as movies. Complete with music, sound effects, and historically accurate indoor and outdoor Pyramid Temple and Valley Temple backgrounds, the Sphinx, Pharaoh's garden and palace, the flooded Nile, village scenes, farms along the Nile, and the dock and quarry, students create interactive adventures by choosing scenes, and animating characters to plan plots, write stories and narrate pages. The finished story can then be played back on the screen or printed out. Also available are border backgrounds and a blank background. Unique features include a fact book and tools which enable students to interact with each scene in their story, including autosizing which allows students move stickers around each background scene and have the stickers change size to retain proper perspective to the scene; and smart stickers which go where students drag them and and can be moved inside buildings, and behind or in front of other objects in a scene. The sticker tools include the sticker picker containing hundreds of stickers arranged by categories like people, props, and symbols. Students can drag and drop stickers from the sticker picker into each scene. The sticker editor allows students to change each sticker's size, rotate stickers, turn animations on or off and attach sounds to each sticker. The program can be configured to meet specific ability levels and needs and a special "configure to the young child" feature transforms the stories into a talking puppet theater. Students with low vision or other visual disabilities can select colors and sizes and types of print to meet their needs.
ISO Demo 356MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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