Uchuu Kaitou Funny Bee [J] Alice Soft 1996

In the future, space travel has become an inseparable part of human civilization. Humanity spread all over the Milky Way. Most of the problems concerning war, ecological disasters, and others were successfully solved. Human beings have entered an era of peace. But human nature never changes, and most other aspects of human culture haven't either. Since the galaxy became a huge urban playground, a new type of criminals have emerged - interstellar thieves. Piloting their own space ship, they terrorize the galaxy with their cleverly planned tricks. Particularly notorious is a duo of two young and pretty girls, Sati and Shiori... which are the two protagonists of the game. Funny Bee has a few turn-based battle at pre-set points, during which the playable character executes various attack techniques; however, the system is too rudimentary to be considered a major part of gameplay. The rest of the game plays rather like an adventure in Japanese style. The player chooses menu commands, triggering events and advancing the story. There are also locations with an auto-map, for more convenient navigation (also menu-based). The game contains scenes with nudity. In 2008, the game was made freeware.
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Japanese Floppy & CD Full Demos 4.9+5.2MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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