DROD: The Second Sky Caravel Games 2014

This is the fifth major title in the "Deadly Rooms of Death" (DROD) turn-based strategy and tactics puzzle game series. DROD is a unique dungeon-crawling puzzle game that could be succinctly described as "chess in a Zelda-like environment." This series highlights turn-based strategy and tactics on a top-down 2D grid. This game is the culmination of years of development and evolution of the DROD formula. It is designed as a tremendously rewarding experience for the hardcore puzzle gamer. They made this game especially for those who love puzzles and dungeon delving. It features a plethora of novel game and puzzle elements that you have not seen anywhere else, placed onto a backdrop of a unique and epic story full of peculiar characters and engaging locales. Guide Beethro Budkin, professional dungeon pest exterminator, as he goes up against the Rooted Empire in a race against time under the looming Grand Event. Beethro is always fond of saying "there is no problem that can't be solved with a really big sword," but he will need to use a variety of fresh new weapons and tactics to win the day this time against a dire threat. This is the climactic chapter in Beethro's adventures in the Great Beneath. Features: Over 500 puzzle rooms and 30 levels, each organized around a different type of puzzle element; Over 25,000 user-made rooms available for free download; Many, many secrets and optional extra challenges that lie in store for the more curious and adventuresome, uncovered in a variety of ways; Over a dozen new puzzle elements, including new weapons and monsters with play mechanics that you haven't seen in any other game; Journey across multiple overworld maps as you explore over and under the vast continents of the Eighth; This game has over four hours of music, containing an all-new 90-minute soundtrack composed by synthpop artist Jon Sonnenberg of Travelogue, plus ten thematic tracks by Emmett Plant (check out the OST); A epic story, filled with a host of fun and intriguing characters, each portrayed with quality voice acting. New and upgraded in-game artwork, including three all-new terrain styles, with realtime lighting and a range of environmental effects; Full-featured level/campaign editor, with custom scripting engine and modding capabilities; Active and friendly player community; High score competition and hint system via our CaravelNet service.
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GOG ISO Demo v. 620MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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