Icarus.1 electrolyte 2016

Abandoned for decades, crew MIA, the ICARUS.1's job was to store mined minerals from the systems outlying planets and perform research duties. It orbits the local sun to maintain it's solar energy and provided a lucrative business for JME corp. After contact was lost no rescue attempt was ever made with the stricken station, instead the project was mothballed - a cover up some may say. Many stories about what happened have become lore but Sam isn't focusing on these 'stories', the goal is the cargo and the wealth it will bring. This is a first person adventure game set on an abandoned space station. You assume the role of Sam, a deep space scavenger and owner of the salvage tug 'Neptune'. Accompanied by her AI companion David, her mission for salvage soon turns to escape. Where did the crew of the ICARUS.1 go and why was it abandoned? Winner of Edge Magazine - Get into Games contest 2015.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Prototype Edition *requires main game (uploaded by Steam)

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