Leiria Stargazer Nonlinear 2011

This is a remake of Chaste Full-Metal Maiden Leiria. It's gameplay follows the lines of the Espgaluda series, while offering a retelling of the game's original story. Roughly a year later, said game went from a retail doujin game to a freeware game, just like its predecessor. It's a very fun doujin shmup that is heavily inspired by Cave's style of shooters. You unlock hard mode after 1cc'ing normal and there are quite a few changes as opposed to normal mode. These include that the maximum multiplier goes up to x500, different patterns, different TLB and suicide bullets everywhere. The scoring system is basically Espgaluda. You collect gems from enemies (closer = more gems) and use these to cancel bullets in Kakusei mode or Accel mode as it's called here. The multiplier you reached resets every time you exit Accel mode. If you're out of gems in Accel mode the bullets increase twice in speed and don't cancel anything. In Accel you do get an autobomb but it consumes half your entire bomb gauge if you do. The Kakusei overmode levels are also taken over in this game from Espgaluda (higher level = more gems). In 2012, it was made freeware.
Freeware Game 143MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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