JumpStart Advanced 3rd Grade Knowledge Adventure 2003

Far-Out Field Trips - a re-release of JumpStart Adventure Challenge. Kids participate in arcade-style games in Adventure World as they work to complete a magazine. Kids earn headlines, photos, facts, copy, and even sounds for their magazine. A variety of academic facts are tested as kids play. For example, in a maze activity, children answer the question, "What animal flies around at night?" and solve the equation, "18 divided by 3". Three difficulty levels are featured. Mystery Club Vol. 2: Gadget Games - Children are presented with a series of crime cases to solve. Each case involves looking for clues (musical, physical, natural, etc.) and "interviewing" suspects. Players read about each case (for example, one case begins with, "Stealthy smugglers are working the wharf.") and then earn clues by participating in activities. Clues include such things as, "suspect wears a hairpiece" and "suspect is a shop owner". Once all clues for a particular case are collected, children try to pinpoint the criminal from a group of suspects by reading facts about each. This CD-ROM is enjoyable and effectively exercises children's deductive reasoning and language arts skills. Version 2.0 release added: Fundamentals CD, a re-release of JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain; Language Arts Challenge - test your knowledge of history and language arts in this mind-bending quiz game.
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Mystery Club Vol. 2: Gadget Games (CD3) ISO Demo 157MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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