White Heart Baekgu's Second Story [K] Sonokong 2002

The main character tries to travel to his former owners in this platformer sequel based on the story. While touching the dark side, it adds a story of children's hopes and dreams and have fun at the same time learn from the game. It gives us emotions, beautiful colors and lyrical graphics and all your favorite cartoon characters for children implemented in a local fairy tale feel. This also features eight exciting episodse and is never boring without lurking mini-games you can enjoy a fun game. Character transforming system mode - Special items to eat turns the dog into aneven more powerful adult. Character change system mode - ' Sol ' and ' stone ' are playable as each episode starts. Combo system mode - Without touching the ground in succession, brings the combo system kicking to give more points. District Planner mode - Calling the stone out of eating the item you can use the stone dog barking to slay enemies. Three mini-games - if someone has an item, it's not necessarily mini-games.
Korean ISO Demo 440MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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