Geography With Pipo Cibal Multimedia 2005

This is designed to teach children from 4-12 yrs old the concepts of geography in an intuitive and enjoyable way. Travel around the world with PIPO and discover the most extraordinary places on earth. From the world map we have two options: go to geographical games or visit one of the fifteen maps into which the earth has been divided. The software includes 20 Educational games, divided in general games and games about the maps. General games include: continents, oceans, draw all the continents, orientation and direction, rivers, seas, mountains, position in space, geographical features, The time zones of the world, points of the compass, etc. Games about the maps include: Placing stickers, countries and flags, colour the maps, cultural representations, capital of each country, placing the flags, longitude and latitude, Revise the capital of each country, Make pairs with the flags.
ISO Demo 164MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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