Space Mouse 35th Anniversary edition Mindware Co.,Ltd. 2016

Now introducing the Windows version of the highly popular Space Mouse by Japan's first star game designer, Takanari Suzuki. 2016 marks the 35th anniversary of the introduction of Space Mouse, and to commemorate this occasion,it's releasing a compilation of five games that includes two ports of the original version, two MZ-700-style arrange version, and an NES-style arrange version. The NES arranged version includes dramatic enhancements similar to a previous release, Cosmic Cavern 3671, drawing this fun from the past and adding new and interesting improvements. Product includes: Arranged Version in the style of the NES; Arranged Version in the style of the MZ-700+PCG; Arranged Version in the style of the MZ-700; Port of the PC-8001+PCG version; Port of the original PC-8001 version. Space Mouse was first published for the PC-8001 in the October 1981 issue of engineering magazine I/O, where it was very highly rated and eventually ported to a wide range of personal computers of that era. This pioneering work is a very early example of vertical scrolling in a videogame. In this maze game, you must guide Alice to the top of the building before her oxygen supply runs out and without being caught by the vicious Space Mice. Power-ups allow her to punch through brick walls and send those interstellar vermin flying. This simple, but deep gameplay still keeps players coming back for more, core qualities common to any classic and hasn't faded even after 35 years.
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