Keep Watching VR NinjaDuck24 / NinjaDuck Games 2016

Early Access Release This is a virtual reality horror game. The goal is simple. Escape. You'll need to keep watching though, they move when your back is turned. How to play: use headphones for the best experience; Search the map; Find the Key; Keep watching; Use your flashlight, but be careful. The brighter the light, the faster the battery drains; Use the camera to buy some time; Escape. Currently the flashlight only works with the left controller and the camera only works with the right controller. Teleportation is also limited to the right controller right now. If you're a lefty, feel free to swap controllers on launch, but currently there's no in-game switching. Please keep this in mind if you're considering purchasing. The current method of locomotion is teleportation. Touchpad walking is in the works, but may only be included if requested.
Download: None currently available

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