Word Blaster Davidson 1996

Building a larger vocabulary is the first step in devolping essential communication skills - reading, writing and speaking. Word Blaster makes building a superior vocabulary fun and easy. Your child will join Cosmic MC in the futuristic city of Word Metropolis, where five exciting activities teach the meanings and spellings of thousands of words. Adjustable difficulty levels and customizable word lists let you tailor the program to your child's specific needs. With Word Blast your child will: Learn thousands of new vocabulary words; Improve reading comprehension; Master correct pronunciation; Increase confidence in writing and speaking; Become a more effective communicator. Highlights: Five different multimedia games with 3D graphics, animation, music and speech capabilities; Built-in word lists contain over 2,500 words; Three difficulty levels with preset categories: nouns, verbs, and adjectives; Words used in context enhance understanding; Special editor feature allows you to enter your own word lists; Reads words aloud so your child can hear and learn correct pronunciation; Record-keeping feature keeps track of your child's progress.
ISO Demo 175MB (uploaded by Bandit Keith)

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