I Love Phonics! DK Multimedia 2001

This interactive program teaches phonics in the most fun and effective way possible: lets children discover the principles of phonics for themselves. Builds rock solid phonics skills in five fun-filled activities. Start kids off right with this completely thorough phonics program. This program teaches phonics with a systematic progression, beginning with simple animal sounds, then progressing to letter sounds. These are the first steps toward real reading. There are fun activities like Get on Track, in which kids must move Letterbod along the track to learn the correct way to form all 26 letters. In Bingo, kids compete against Mack the Mouse to boost skills, and learn to recognize consonants, vowels, and blended sounds. Kids learn phonemes - the building blocks of phonics - as they slide letter clusters and combinations into place to make more than 300 words. A special parents' section lets you customize the program to match your child's learning needs or school curriculum, and access detailed reports on your child's progress.
ISO Demo 355MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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