Where He Walked Holynet / Goodtimes Entertainment 2001

Two thousand years ago, Jesus is recorded as having traveled the valleys of Galilee and the hills of Judea preaching God's message to the world. It was here in the Holy Land that the seeds of Christianity were planted. Through this special multimedia pilgrimage edition of the New Testament, we invite you to come visit Where He Walked. This virtual bible experience takes you on an interactive journey to the Holy Land. Our exclusive Spherical Photography is the closest thing to being there without leaving home. The King James edition of the New Testament links to many locations throughout the Holy Land. With the aid a robust search engine you can look up specific words or phrases that point to all relevant verses. From there you will be able to link directly to each referenced Holy Land location. The entire New Testament and a powerful search engine are embedded within the disk, cross-linking users to a broad spectrum of destinations and related topics throughout the program. The life of Christ is an educational experience through which users learn and can visualize important places and events in the life of Christ. Follow the timeline of His life through sequential chapters from His birth through the Resurrection.
Full ISO Demo 172MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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