Planet of the Vicious Creatures, The Jorge Giner Cordero 2016

Old-school platformer set in outer space. "Portals.... Found buried on Earth. Who made them? We know not. Now we humble humans use them to travel to the stars." We have a new mission for you: planet Gliese 581. Tests indicate relative safety. Space suit will be required. Gravity 0.15g. You will find oxygen bubbles in the atmosphere. Beware of the fauna, stay alive and find a portal to come back for fame and glory. Use the arrow keys to move, jump or crouch. When you reach an active portal, simply walk to its center. Use the 'restart' key, which defaults to the space bar key, to restart a level. You can restart a level at any time, even if a creature touched you, but in this case you will lose one life anyway. Use the 'practice' key, which defaults to the 0 (zero) key, to enter or exit practice mode. While in practice mode you can die without losing any life, but you can't pass to the next level unless you toggle the 'practice mode' off. Use the ESC (escape) key to show the in-game menu while playing. Keys can be redefined. Game-pads (game controllers) are supported. You can create new levels for the game or modify the existing ones and share with your friends. See the file MODIFY.html included with the game. The game is designed for people with little time to play. It is difficult, but not impossible. Finishing the game is about 15 minutes once you master it. Practice some minutes each day. Little by little you will be mastering the jumps and learning the patterns. If others finished it, you can. The joy in this kind of game is on reaching a higher level each time you play. In any case, if you feel that any level is impossible, take a look at the OPTIONS - DEMO section in the main menu. Here you can learn how to finish a level. To be used in small doses.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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