Halloween Mysteries Vyacheslav Ozolnieks, Andrey Omelchenko, Andrey Kashin 2016

One late night on the eve of Halloween, one mage known by the name of Saref was woken from his slumber by some rustling noises in his room. When he opened his eyes, he saw an ugly little devil, who took a magic stone from the table. Saref tried to catch the thief and save the crystal but suddenly looked out the window and saw terrible things. Everything was burning, seething; the fearful monsters, which until recently were the festive decorations, roamed the town streets and swept everything out of their paths... People ran in horror to hide in their homes and board up all windows and doors. Chaos and destruction flourished in the town. The dark forces broke free and turned everything upside down. Now Saref must win his magic stone back and overcome the minions of evil before this magic night ends. But it won’t be easy since the monstrous creatures and demons won't just surrender. Dive into the fantastic world of magic and mysteries. In the world full of wonders, unusual creatures, witches and demons. In the world where something which you have not yet encountered awaits you in every corner. All kinds of obstacles and traps will not let you rest, as well as various enemies with unique attacks will make you find unexpecting solutions and individual tactics for each of them. Features: A huge mysterious world full of secrets and traps; Secret chests with treasures; Enemies with individual combat style; Various physical, chemical and special attacks; Character development; Special attacks development; Interesting story line with many solutions; Comfortable controls for both keyboard and controller; Fantastic graphics combined with a pleasant mysterious music.
Download: None currently available

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