Gunmetal Arcadia Zero Minor Key Games 2016

Unrest brews in the city of Arcadia, and a monstrous enemy approaches. As the young elf Vireo, you will heed the call of adventure: choose a weapon, choose a side, and rise to be the hero your city needs. Gunmetal Arcadia Zero features classic platformer action and world-class CRT simulation technology that evokes the aesthetics of past generations. From developer J. Kyle Pittman (Super Win the Game) and Minor Key Games (Slayer Shock) comes this action-adventure platformer drenched in glowing retro goodness. Features: Use blades, bombs, and a bevy of subweapons; Visit NPCs, buy and sell gear, and learn the lore of Arcadia; Fight your way through six stages jam-packed with baddies and bosses; Exquisite game feel - that's a thing; Speedrun mode tracks splits and records best times; World-class CRT simulation; Fully customizable; Now with editable preset slots; Authentic 8-bit soundtrack; Over 40 minutes of original music.
Download: None currently available

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