Sorcerian Original [J] Nihon Falcom Corp. 1999

A remake of the classic RPG Sorcerian for Windows PCs. In Sorcerian you created a party of four adventurers and set off to solve a series of scenarios each with their own unique quests and challenges, which usually involve exploring a specific dungeon and retrieving some treasure or slaying a specific monster. Gameplay is mostly action-oriented with the addition of upgradable stats and the ability to equip different weapons and magic items. It faithfully recreates the original side-scrolling RPG classic with an updated graphics engine and a remastered soundtrack. All the original scenarios featured in the original release and subsequent add-on disks are present and accounted for, as well as the brand new scenarios released with Sorcerian Forever. The game features a new in-game interface and simplified commands as well as a new location in town, the magic academy. Which, as in Sorcerian Forever, allows you to easily create spells and enchant items.
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Japanese DVD ISO Demo + Patch 1.11GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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