Dreams [Ru] Wizecore / Samizdat 2012

You find yourself in a strange place, and can not remember who you are and how you got there. Your task - to deal with the situation. The original game (it was just a game engine test) was developed in 1997 under MS-DOS. These same files are an attempt to do a remake as close as possible to the original, although this has not been achieved due to certain features of the DVD specification. In the original game you could open types of equipment, and constantly monitor what items you have. In this regard, there may be some differences with the plot of the game. For example, if you take the thing and use it, and then go back where it was taken and again see it, you know - if you have not) and because in the inventory can be accessed only at certain stages of the game, this thing can not be reused. Nor should we worry if you take the thing and it disappears when moving to another location - in fact it has not disappeared). The game is not fully consistent with the DVD specification, so it's not guaranteed to run on hardware DVD-player. This game you can burn on a miniDVD (ie. A normal CD). The game has almost no sound - only 9 locations that are reached through the dvd-menu.
1997 Russian Level Demo 589kb (uploaded by Questzone.ru)
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Russian Full Demo for DVD Player 62MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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