Mugen Houyou [J] Alice Soft 1998

After a prolonged absence due to mental problems, Kuon, a young heir to a dynasty of powerful oligarchs, returns to his mansion. He is greeted by his wife, his associates, his servants, and other people who live in the huge family estate. Kuon has to continue the political work of his predecessors, but he is more interested in exploring sexual desires - his own and those of other people. But each "experiment" reveals more of Kuon's troubled past, and he will have to fight his childhood traumas and determine himself the limits of what he can allow himself to do... This is a visual novel with multiple choices and plot lines. It takes place entirely in the mansion, and follows Kuon's life on a daily basis. The player has to decide for Kuon what to do - dedicate his attention to his work, or go to different rooms in the mansion to trigger scenes. On many occasions the player will also be able to choose sexual activities, sometimes having very specific choices. Decisions lead to different paths in the story, including not only different sex scenes, but also varied endings and glimpses into Kuon's past. In 2008, it was made freeware.
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Freeware Japanese Multiplatform ISO Demo + Windows Full Demo 305MB / 5MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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