Mary-Kate and Ashley: Crush Course n-Space, Inc. / Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. 2001

The girls learn that their arch enemy, Courtney, has been seen near their lockers. On investigation they find pieces of a torn up note, an invitation to a beach party no less, but they have no idea who it's from. This sets the scene for a series of challenges, the rewards for which are further pieces of the note which eventually reveal which of the cute guys has a crush on them. The challenges are in the Freshman Year: The Physics Class where a game of mini-golf is used to explore gravity, velocity and friction; The Cheerleading Tryouts where the player(s) have to match the moves made by the gym teacher. In the Sophomore Hall: The Marine Biology Class which is a timed game where the object is to collect creatures and litter, one goes into the bin and the other is returned to the sea; Journalism Class where the player(s) must explore the school and take photographs of the people on their assignment list. In the Junior & Senior Hall: The Talent Show where the object is to follow the instructors moves and beat Courtney; Journalism, again, but this time the player is taking pictures for the school year book. Finally a series of seaside arcade games, Ball Toss, Treasure Hunt, and Hoops. All the mini games can be played as a series in game-mode or individually. In game-mode the games are graded, a B or higher is needed to win a piece of the message, and initially the player(s) will only have access to the games in the Freshman year. They are all one or two player games and are keyboard controlled.
ISO Demo 230MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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