Scott in Space Ragiva Games e.K. / Black Shell Media 2015

Picture this. One guniea pig alone in the vastness of space, fighting an empire of evil Rhinos. Sure, that's pretty unfair...the Rhinos don't stand a chance. This is a stylized platformer with a classic gameplay core, plenty of different enemies to defeat and quests to fulfill. Can you stop the evil Rhino Empire from abducting guinea pigs from their home world New New Guinea? Can you defeat the dark rhino leader named... Evil Andy?! Can you make it home before dinner? So many questions and so little time. If you like the light-weight sphere of classic family platformers and you love helping little guinea pigs in space out from time to time (an uncommon hobby), then this is the right game for you. While the easier difficulty modes satisfy beginners and casual players, the hard and the evil difficutly mode confidently challenge hardcore players. Features: Prove your guinea pig platformer skills (you have them, right?); Fulfill quests for questionable characters; Enjoy a dead-serious story with non-existent rodent-rhino war humor; Explore over 50 levels across 7 planets; Sing along to the orchestral soundtrack (or just listen while playing, your call).
Download: None currently available

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