Scrapped Marcelo Spiezzi, SMU Guildhall / Get Out Alive Games 2015

This is a single player platformer where you assume control of a "quantum force" powered robot, dubbed C-23. Unfortunately, despite its best efforts, C-23 does not meet its mysterious testers’ standards. With the flip of a switch, the robot tumbles down a giant trash chute and into the endless heaps of scrap metal below. Trapped within an expansive Scrapyard, C-23 encounters a robotic light bug named Fritz. Utilizing Fritz's glowing guidance, C-23 must repel and attract across hazards, dodging saws and swinging over bottomless pits. With each force-powered leap or slide, C-23 and his recent friend, draw closer to a new home. It was developed by a team of 14 students as a final team game project at The Guildhall at SMU. They also partnered with two musicians to help deliver a completely original experience. It focuses on utilizing magnetism-based mechanics (Quantum Force) to reward discovery and experimentation. In each level, you must evaluate yours surroundings, determine your preferred pathway, and reactively jump, attract, and repel to your intended destination. Throughout your way, you are going to encounter environmental hazards and skill-based challenges, be careful to not blast C-23 on them.
Free Game 710MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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