2400 A.D. Origin Systems 1988

2400 A.D. is a 1987 role-playing video game designed by Chuck Bueche and published by Origin Systems. This post-apocalyptic RPG casts the player as a member of an underground resistance organization trying to free the human inhabitants of planet XK-120 from the clutches of a tyrannical race of robotic oppressors known as the Tzorgs. The ultimate aim is to destroy the robots' central control. The gameplay style is very similar to the Ultima series, also from Origin Systems. The entire game is viewed from top-down perspective. The various commands (search, open, talk, etc.) are executed by pressing a correspondent key on the keyboard. Battles take place on the same screen as exploration, and require the player to press A (for "attack") and a directional key to aim at the enemy. The game is set entirely in the big city, with streets and buildings to explore, items and weapons to buy, and people to talk to.
Full Demo (@ My Abandonware)
Full Demo (@ XTC Abandonware)

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