I Expect You To Die Schell Games 2016

A logic game developed with VR headsets in mind by Schell Games, an American indie studio. In the game, we assume the role of a spy whose task is to escape trapped rooms unharmed. The action is presented from the first-person perspective, while the gameplay boils down to solving numerous escape-room kind of puzzles. While playing, we have to, for example, disable explosives or neutralize all kinds of traps. The protagonist's telekinetic abilities will surely come in handy. Just like the title suggests, death is an integral part of the gameplay, and the hero can die in a variety of ways: either because of his own carelessness or solving puzzles by trial and error. The game is enriched with a large dose of unique humor as well as numerous references to classical action movies, especially those about the exploits of James Bond.
Download: None currently available

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