Sleengster Crimson Duck Studios 2016

There's trouble in Sleengville. The villagers are being under attack by the terrible Tikkirama organization. They are in search for the legendary Great Portal Gems. Our hero, Sleengster, must find all the gems in every part of the Village before the bad guys do. Your job is to pass through 30 different stages in search for the Gems. On your quest, you will encounter various enemies, not only Tikkirama, but every scumbag creature in Sleengland that was willing to join the Tikkirama cause. But you are not helpless. On your journey, you will be helped by Digital PC Gentlemen who will help you keep your progress. Also, you will have a quite nice range of weaponry hidden throughout stages, but save your ammo. Collect Sleengcoins along the way to unlock additional stages and get awards.
Download: None currently available

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