Slayaway Camp: Santa's Slay Expansion Blue Wizard Digital Ltd. 2016

Just in time for the holidays, this special bonus expansion includes a variety of game items that further build on your Slayaway Camp experience. You will receive immediate access to: A brand new VHS tape on your Video Store shelf: Slayaway Camp: Santa's Slay; 25 GOREBLASTING new puzzle levels set in the Cube Central Mall and the ACTUAL North Pole; Among them are 4 new ULTRA-BRAINDESTRUCTING Deleted Scenes & 8 new EXTREMELY SEXIFIED NC-17 Puzzles; Unlocks the Exclusive Killers - Santa Skullface and his Toy Soldier Kill, Krampus and his Bag of Birch Sticks Beatdown Kill, Gremling and her Tannenbalm Kill, The Worst Santa and his Santa's Sleigh Kill, Jill Frost and her Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Kill; Unlocks the Exclusive GorePack: Disfigure Skater; Special set of Holiday Wallpapers & Avatars; New Set of Papercraft Templates including Santa Skullface, Festive Victims, AWESOMELY GNARLY trees and rocks with snow on them, and more; Some new in-game holiday music, Slayaway Camp style.
Download: None currently available

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