SwingStar VR Computer Lunch, Zero Eden Games 2016

Swing from anything in VR. You have the power to swing from anything. A disaster has mutated physics, you must save your home multiverse by ringing the mysterious bell. A new tech product has gone horribly wrong, and has thrown the world’s physics out of whack. But hope is not lost: A mysterious helmet allows our hero to swing through all of the affected dimensions, and set things right by ringing magic resonator bells. It's deceptively simple controls use only a button and your line of site to sore, flip, swing, fly, and explore in ways you have never experienced in any other video game. Find out what lies beyond the bell. Swing on any object in the world by just looking at it. Explore all 24 levels. Simple one button controls. Master each level to receive a perfect 3 Star rank. Unlock mysterious doors to secret levels. Brilliantly dreamy soundtrack by electronic musician Marchthirtyseventh. Spin Turbo Yo-yos that speed up a swing. Air Cannons blast you high in the air. Relax at the jelly chill-out zone. Get all 72 stars to unlock the mysterious inter-dimensional zone.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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