Money Town Van Duyne Engineering / Davidson & Associates, Inc., Simon & Schuster Interactive 1996

This is an educational game that aims to teach children the value of money. Mr. Possibility has closed down Money Town's park due to pollution and safety issues. The player must help the residents of Money Town clean up the park by raising money through various activities. These include helping Ona Budget recycle cans in a memory matching game, participating in a money trivia game show with Penny Bright, and vacuuming up change with Small Change. The money can then be used to purchase improvements for the park such as a clean water, a fountain, grass and flowers. Based on The Common Sense/Cents Series by The Children's Financial Network. Inspired by the popular children's book "The Kid's Money Book" written by Neale Godfrey, it features five engaging activities that will help your child learn: Basic money math; Coin recognition; How to make change; How to save and spend wisely; Simple money management; Fun money facts and history. Highlights: Funny, friendly characters take kids on a learn-and-earn adventure; Five engaging, interactive games combine learning and laughter; Loaded with dazzling animations, digitized speech and sound effects; Five original sing-along songs by acclaimed children's performer Dave Kinnoin; CD includes Neale Godfrey's "Video Tips for Parents," with advice from the best-selling author of Money Doesn't Grow On Trees; Learn coin recognition and making change at the Opportunity Knocking Emporium; Learn money facts and history at Penny's Quiz Show; Earn money as you help Ona Budget recycle; Learn coin identification and addition in Buck's field goal game.
ISO Demo 174MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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