Meet MediaBand Canter Technology / Philips Interactive Media 1996

This engaging interactive music video experience was conceived by Marc Canter (creator of MacroMind Director, later Macromedia Director and later still Adobe Director, and a premier innovator of computer multimedia). The first two interactive "songs", UnDo Me and House Jam will give you a taste of what's possible today when you combine music, video and interactivity. Meet MediaBand's aetherRAVE is a combination cyberspace and party "shell" around those two "songs". The aetherRAVE has six unique environments created for you to explore: The Stage, Smart Bar, Archives, Tekno Room, Kid's Room and Swag Shop. MediaBand is the multimedia performance ensemble begun in 1992 to create original interactive music videos that are scalable to any distribution "platform", i.e. CD-ROM, Cyber Clubs or Interactive TV. All of the "songs" are created with "live" performance in mind, as well as Interactive TV. Meet MediaBand is the CD-ROM version of MediaBand's ever growing "database" of material, designed to eventually be a server of interactive media, available to any traveler of the info highway. The MediaBand database will evolve by adding more rooms to the aetherRAVE and of course by adding lots of new interactive pieces. In other words, it's really an Interactive TV show. We feel that Interactive Music Videos are the proper way to introduce people to interactivity, rather than shooting or killing or roaming through scrolling hallways. We've tried to capture the interactivity of a Nintendo game with the broadcast values of MTV.
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ISO Demo 712MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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