Encyclopedia of U.S. Endangered Species Zane Publishing 1997

The Encyclopedia of U.S. Endangered Species features individual 10- to 80-page multimedia reports on more than 700 endangered animal and plant species in the United States. Learn the origin of a species, its natural habitat, and where and why it is endangered in America. The Encyclopedia of U.S. Endangered Species offers more than 20,000 hypertext pages of comprehensive multimedia reports and more than 3,500 spectacular color images, many full-screen. Audiovisual presentations by the World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, the Threatened & Endangered Species Information Institute, and ABC News add valuable insights to the plight of endangered species on this informative CD-ROM. This one will appeal to serious conservationists and concerned citizens alike - anyone, in fact, interested in preserving America's precious, irreplaceable species. Access each endangered species by individual states, scientific classification, common name, and scientific name. Offers more than 3,500 dramatic color photos, locator and state maps, common name and scientific name pronunciations, and selected animal sounds. Click and learn about biology, geography, conservation, ecology, and the social and political significance of animals and plants. Interactive study questions with explanations provide exciting links to the most informative, educational, and entertaining entries. Includes unlimited quizzes for teachers and students or home study.
Full ISO Demo 343MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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