Santa's Special Delivery Drunk Robot Games, Effinvance / Cerulean Games 2014

Prepare to deliver gifts and sh!t down chimney's in Santa's Special Delivery. Santa's tracking who is naughty and nice - good boys and girls get gifts, bad boys and girls get coal, and absolutely rotten children get a code brown from Santa's downtown. Too EXTREME for Apple, too OFFENSIVE for your children, too HARDCORE for your FACE. Player's take control of Santa's sleigh - complete with twelve tiny, exploding reindeer - to help him travel city to city to perform his Christmas Eve deliveries. At the end of each city exists a single house - one with someone just so rotten, that Santa has to pop a squat on their chimney and squeeze out a growler. Why call Santa when you can jump in the sleigh and get to work?
Download: None currently available

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