Fun School 5 in Space Europress Software Ltd. 1996

Learning is an exciting adventure - and that's what Fun School educational Programs are all about. With Fun School in Space - for 6-9 year olds - Suki, Rik and their pet dinosaur Gloopy are accidentally cast adrift while visiting an orbiting space station on a school trip. The ship they're on has a mission - to regenerate the Grey Planet, a world from which all life disappeared many ages ago. but they need your help to collect the major elements that are essential to make the planet habitable again. Features: Mega Maths - A carefully structured maths program teaches children basic number bonds and tables. The better they do the more animals they can send back to re-populate the planet; Space Speak - While sharpening their English skills in a fantasy maze, this program lets children gather much needed seeds for the Grey Planet; Eco-Logic - By sorting out waste substances into the correct categories, children learn the importance of Ecology; Mission Earth - Above all, the Grey Planet desperately needs water. This the children can gain bu using their geography skills to take grateful aliens on a mystery tour of many wonders of Planet Earth; Alien Art - A unique art package that encourages children to make detailed records of their adventures among the stars.
ISO Demo + Manual, Scans 722MB (uploaded by Bandit Keith)

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