JumpStart 2nd Grade Math / JumpStart Math for Second Graders Knowledge Adventure 1997

The villainous Ratso and his gang have taken over the castle and imprisoned the royal family. CJ, the royal flycatcher, sees his chance to become a knight. He and his best friend Edison go on a quest to rescue the Royal Prisoners and dethrone Ratso. Ratso has trapped five Royal Prisoners inside of a mirror. In order to free them, CJ and Edison need to collect ingredients for magic potions. Each potion will set one of the prisoners free. The prisoners will specify which location in the castle CJ needs to visit to collect the next ingredient. Once CJ and Edison have all of the ingredients, they must return to the mirror to make the potion. There are many activities in the castle. Each time CJ completes an activity, he earns one bravery point. He needs 100 bravery points to challenge Ratso. This educational game includes thirteen different activities, such as Catapult Addition, Subtraction Jousting, Stained Glass Geometry and more. It builds children's skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, money, geometry and telling time. The game is marketed towards children aged six to eight.
JumpStart 2nd Grade Math (2000) ISO Demo 346MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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