Mickey Mouse Toddler Disney Interactive, Inc. 2000

In this collection of preschool activities, the player joins some well-known Disney cartoon characters to explore numbers, letters, and creativity. A different character introduces each activity (except for Pluto, who doesn't speak) and briefly hints at what to do - the player interacts with most activities simply by moving the mouse over the screen to uncover hidden items, listen to sounds, explore color, etc. The graphics are pure Disney cartoon and quiet music plays in the background throughout the game. Mickey Mouse - Letters of the alphabet are hiding in Mickey's front yard; as the player moves his mouse over them, Mickey uses a word that begins with that letter. Minnie Mouse - Minnie is playing with shapes and invites the player to find specific ones in her yard. Goofy - the player can use various hues and patterns of paint on Goofy's house while Goofy takes a nap. Pluto - as Gopher pops up out of his burrows holding a number, the player mouses over it to make Pluto chase it. Donald Duck - while Donald snoozes instead of houseboat-cleaning the player can play with sound-producing hot spots to try to wake him up. The preschool player will encounter letter and number recognition, shape and color recognition, mousing skills and listening skills. As an extension to the educational content there are printable coloring pages available through the Print and Parent's Information area, accessed by pressing Ctrl+P.
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ISO Demo 161MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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