Seven Colors, The: Legend of PSY・S City [MAC] Masaya Matsuura / Sony Music Entertainment 1993

The extremely rare (Multimedia Grand Prix-winning) first game by Masaya Matsuura (best known for PaRappa the Rapper) is a Macintosh-only first-person point-and-click adventure. It came out on April 23, 1993 - five days before the release of The 7th Guest and five months before Myst's release. (It was even shown at an exhibition in 1992, a year before Journeyman Project.) The game's interface is all in English, but all dialogue is written in Japanese. This CD-ROM is an adventure game software designed based on the world of the pop music group PSY•S, and can be enjoyed by the people of all generations. Enjoy the adventurous heart-searching journey in PSY•S City full of poetry, graphic and music. This story starts in the heaven city up above PSY•S City. Residents of the heaven city are the angels who are sent to guard the earth. One day, a hasty angel, so inadvertently dropped the important Seven Hearts the govern the night. One of the seven, the Purple Heart has accidentally fallen into your hands. At the appeal of the Purple Heart, you have so kindly decided to go on an adventurous journey to seek for the rest of the lost hearts in order to retrieve the night in PSY•S city. However, getting all the hearts back is not good enough to bring back the night to the city. You have to put all the collected hearts in the mailbox that connects PSY•S City and the heaven city and return them to the angels. But where is the mailbox? In the course of the journey, you will find it. A touching last scene is waiting for you who have safely accomplished the task.
MAC ISO Demo 408MB (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)

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