Book of Lulu, The Dada M├ędia, Harbor Electronic Publishing / Organa 1995

This is an interactive multimedia book by Romain Victor-Pujebet where player can flip the pages to read through and click on various images in the book. Certain images in the book allow for slide changes or result in a small video animation, while others open in full screen mode with ability to interact with them by clicking on a certain area. Interactive images allow changes such as changing the sky, weather, season, colors and mode, while interactive videos let you interact with objects and characters which result in a short FMV sequence. In one area you'll find a woman dressed in turn of the century clothing sitting in a desert garden accompanied by a record player and a few records. It's possible to play the records on the player which in turn sends the woman in to a dancing fit from anything from classic waltz to drum & bass!
Hebrew Full Demo 152MB (uploaded by

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