Game Royale - Raiders of the Lost Bald Head [G] btf GmbH / Neo Magazine Royale 2015

In this German free game, you will be looking for William Cohn in the shape of Jan Böhmermann to finally start the show. The sidekick of the well-known comedian Jan Böhmermann has disappeared and the show starts immediately. Help him and find William Cohn. In a well-known point-and-click manner, search the backstage area for William. You will meet numerous well-known figures from the Neo Magazine Royale. Click to find new clues - and come up with some curious situations. In conversations with your employees and by investigating suspicious objects, you are getting closer and closer to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of William. Overall, the game will offer up to 3 hours of fun.
German Free Game v1.1 55MB (uploaded by

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