Black Watchmen, The: Alone in the Dark Web DLC Alice & Smith 2016

This features 24 (challenging!) puzzles to explore, a Deep Alternate Reality Game , and immersive audio narrative. Agent, you're expertise are needed immediately for a special operation. Rumors have emerged of The Crimson Library, a site found only on the dark web, that shows unimaginable evil. Several cases of people going blind and insane are reported in connection to the site. With the help of Agent Wheeler and NITE Team 4, you must investigate the source of these rumours and stop the spread of this madness inducing site. In this DLC, you'll need to complete an all in-client mission set [24 puzzles] that brings you to the brink of the dark web - and insanity. This DLC takes place at a specific period within The Black Watchmen universe - Dec 2016 - and contains narrative spoilers about previous events (Season 1 + 2 and the Mother Russia DLC). The Storyline of The Black Watchmen is explored in this DLC, but it will not ruin the gameplay/puzzle experience of previous seasons, only small part of the narrative content.
Download: None currently available

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