Newton's Quest 5th Grade Knowledge Adventure 2002

Newton's Quest, a new interactive learning system that correlates to national education standards. This innovative new line of computer software provides education through exploration to help children develop key fundamental skills in fourth, fifth and sixth grades. It covers a full year of classroom curriculum, focusing on mathematics, reading comprehension, spelling and language arts, with over 4,000 questions and 400 exercises in each two CD-ROM set. It features an original scope and sequence of recognized test objectives, and presents content that mirrors standardized tests in California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas such as the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 9) and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). It helps expand children's general knowledge and cultural awareness beyond the classroom with dynamic multimedia, hands-on interactive simulations and research tools designed to stimulate curiosity about science, space, nature, geography, history, literature, music and art. By encouraging discovery and exploration of these subject areas, it addresses the concerns of many critics of standardized tests who believe that classroom emphasis on test preparation forces many teachers to narrow the curriculum to fit within the confines of the tests' demands.
2CD ISO Demo 780MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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