Ping & Kooky's Cuckoo Zoo Susan Mahoney & Associates / EA * Kids 1993

You can learn about animals from all around the world, living side by side in our five habitats, which have been built especially to fit their needs. I am your tour guide Ping and this is my friend Kooky. We will take you for a ride on our train, traveling with you through the zones. Enjoy your stay and don't miss our famous parade before you leave. It's a game that was designed for small children from ages 3 to 7. You can move freely through the different areas of an animal park, take a look at the animals living there and learn about their names. In addition, there are also some small educational games like Hide & Seek, Alphabet, and Counting games, which are very easy and suitable for kids of pre-school age. There are five different areas in the game: Savannah, Rain Forest, Farm Grounds, PolarPark and Cuckoo Fest. The first four zones each contain a range of animals which are commonly found in each respective environment. The player can click them and hear Ping saying their names. In addition, each of them shows some funny animation. Last but not least, the Cuckoo Fest area lets you listen to some melodies, which are squeaked by several animals from the other areas. Having done so, you are also allowed to play your own songs by clicking on them. While traveling through the park, the game switches to respectable 3D graphics. You are looking out of the front windows and can see from the trees and surroundings, in which area you currently are. Whenever you enter a new part of the park, Ping moves in for a moment and explains what kinds of animals are living there. Now all you have to do is to press the 'Stop' button and open the doors. It has nice graphics and good sound with lots of speech.
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