Man from Fugue State, The Salvador Haggini 2016

A stranger arrives in the sleepy town of Tumbleweed in 1885 with no memory of his identity only to find the residents suffering at the hands of feared outlaw El Marcado, 'the marked one'. Soon he finds himself caught up in a plot to defeat the outlaw once and for all. But who is this stranger and why is the mysterious El Marcado so interested in Tumbleweed? The backgrounds look a bit like watercolor paintings, giving the art a distinctive style, thought the characters are much more sharply defined. You will visit some very interesting places, like a bank that doesn't keep any money, a cemetery and church with a complicated bell system, and a stable containing a cardboard horse. The game is accompanied by beautiful music with no less than 20 tunes that sound suitably like a soundtrack from a spaghetti western movie. The sound effects, of which there are many, like the clicking of guns being loaded, explosions and fire, all sound very natural. The hero has a hard time discovering who El Marcado is because most people are very afraid of him. To find him, the man must get hold of a mighty steed, win a poker game, disperse a crowd of tourists and do many other strange things. Most of the puzzles are inventory-based, and although some are easy to solve they usually require some thinking or searching for objects you need before solving them. You also have to talk to a lot of people and use the knowledge you gain to your advantage. It's a real joy to play, not only because of its rich story and well-integrated puzzles, but also because of the many puns and jokes and references to movies, real people and historical events. It's also quite long: the game consists of five chapters, each of which can take more than an hour to complete, so it’s good that you can manually save your progress any time.
Free Game 101MB (uploaded by GameJolt)
Free Game 138MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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