Heroes of Dark Dungeon Solomakha Taras 2017

Early Access Release This is a hack'n'slash Action/RPG with third person view. In game you and your friends will face the dark dungeons full of insidious traps, strong monsters and hazardous labyrinths. You will find powerful bosses that guard treasures. Current Features: Co-op for up to 4 players; Action RPG; Craft; A lot of weapons & items (melee weapons, throwing weapons, magical wands, rings and armor); Upgradable equipment; Powerful bosses and monsters; Trait rings; In this game you can equip magic rings on all fingers. To get to the boss you have to go through the path of challenges. Throw the dice to move forward a certain number of stepes. You may step on the treasure cell, and also stumble upon powerful monsters. The further you go the better things you can find. If you die you will lose all things except those that you have equipped. So, it is better to retreat and restore your health than to lose everything, but on the other hand you have to start dungeon again.
Download: None currently available

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