Ziro Eipix D.O.O. / Kokakiki LLC, Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. 2009

This is a puzzle game where boards need to be cleared by removing dice. As the game is played on a frozen underground the dice slide in any of the four available directions until they hit an obstacle. To remove a dice, the pattern (the number of dots) needs to match another, identical one and it needs to be immediately next to its twin. Math is introduced as well, as different dice can be combined to form the sum of the pattern, e.g. combing 1 and 2 creates a new dice with 3 dots. Players can partially zoom in on the board and also rotate the game field slightly. Gradually, additional modifiers are introduced, such as the plus and minus dice that add or subtract a number to a dice. There are also blocks on the board that act as obstacles. In later level non-fixed types are introduced, such as a block that can only be moved once and stays there forever, blocks that can be moved around endlessly and that are shattered by clicking them, and solid blocks that can never be destroyed. Certain boards require complex patterns and movement of obstacles to complete them. The background story casts the player as Ziro, the youngest member of the ancient order of Snowmen Earth guardian, who is called for when humanity uses up Earth's natural resources and causes a massive climate change, freezing most of the world. By connecting the dice Ziro attempts to restore the natural order. While playing, some facts about global warming are shown every now and then. The game consists of 300 levels and has three game modes. In Quest players travel through a world map opening up new locations by completing levels. These levels can then be practised in the Practice mode. The Skill mode uses the same unlocked levels, but has a time limit per board, keeps track of the number of moves, and shows the different types of dice on the left side of the screen. General high scores are also available, as well as a global, online-based leaderboard.
Collector's Edition - Multi-2 Full Demo v1.0 101MB (uploaded by Thircase)
Collector's Edition - Multi-2 Full Demo v1.0 (mirror) 101MB (uploaded by roioros)

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