Splitting, The Fireberry Studio 2016

Chapter 1 (Jan) This starts out with a strange dream of which your character only remembers the end. As you explore his house, you find that he is unable to see his reflection in the mirror, and that because of his lack of a reflection, he is able to travel through into a mirror world. With the help of a mysterious man named llehctiM, the split reflection of a man named Mitchell from your own world, you now embark on an adventure to figure out where your reflection has gone and why he has split from you. Chapter 2 (Nov) llehctiM advises Daniel to go to an asylum, where a small group of people who got split are living. This group might have seen Daniel's reflection, and might help him to find his mirrored twin. Will he manage to find his reflection? The story of this chapter takes place in the way to the asylum, and in the asylum itself. When Daniel arrives to the asylum, he finds out thing are more complicated then they seem. The game authors kept the plot cards close to the chest, so you'll need to investigate and uncover what is happening, until the end, where things will start to make sense.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Games Chapter 1-2 (uploaded by Official Site)

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