8th Wonder of the World Funatics Software GmbH / GMX Media 2003

This is the second part of the successful series from the Cultures World. You will experience an exciting blend of adventure strategy and a building sim and create a lovingly animated world, where every character has a role and requires your care and attention. A gripping plot, eventful missions and thrilling adventures guarantee many hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Uncover the secret of The Eighth Wonder of the World! The fate of humankind is in your hands. It takes place some years after the end of Northland. The renowned heroes around the Viking Bjarni retired after their last adventure and enjoyed their daily lives. But one day the powers of darkness and evil slowly began spreading all over the world. At the beginning, nobody noticed this or paid any attention, but people soon felt that suspicion, hate, war and harm were returning to humanity. More and more parts of the known world were attacked by the evil that nobody could grasp or fight against. When the end seemed close and the world stood on the brink of eternal chaos, the chiefs of all countries gathered in the Council of Nations. In long debates they tried to find a means to fight the evil. But nobody knew what could be done. The one of the wise men came across some old writings which mentioned a way to fight the evil. A long and dangerous way, because only if the Eight Wonders of the Would were built again could darkness be banished and the evil defeated. The greatest heroes of the past were summoned. The people addressed our friend Bjarni, who at once set out to save humanity from a fatal fortune again with his wife Cyra and their son Mani. Their destiny, and with it the destiny of all humanity, now lies in your hands. You must solve the mystery surrounding the Eight Wonder of the World with your heroes and banish darkness from the Earth. Features: Simple game start, ideal for beginners; 3 difficulty levels to choose from; Eventful campaign; Exciting single missions; Detailed graphics, lovingly animated; Extensive economic simulation; Up to 6 players via LAN or the Internet; Includes a level editor.
Clone ISO Demo 535MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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