Kid Works Deluxe Davidson & Associates 1995

Expand your child's reading, writing and creativity skills with Kid Works Deluxe, a multimedia creativity kit that combines a word processor and paint program into one ultra-cool, ultra-fun adventure. With lots of inventive tools, animated stamps and wild sound effects, kids have unlimited opportunities to express themselves through pictures, words and sound. They can even have the computer read back what they wrote. Based on the award-winning Kid Works 2, this is jam-packed with endless hours of imaginative good times. This captivating program is simple enough for younger children, yet challenging enough for older ones. It includes oodles of tools and effects to help you. Create multimedia books, stories, poems and more with words, pictures and sounds. Bring pictures to life with animated stickers. Access over 130 backgrounds, 450 stickers and 100 sound effects- or create your own. Sending stories to your family and friends is easy. Print your storybook in color or black and white, or save your storybook on disk. The unique Story Player feature allows your story to be played on any computer- even without Kid Works Deluxe. Hear your stories read back in one of several funny built-in voices- or record your own. The playful interface lets you easily start a new story. Use your own idea or one of the story starters. Write and publish your own multimedia stories, letters and more. Use words, stickers, and even sound effects to bring your ideas to life. Create cool illustrations to tell your story using fun tools and animated stickers.
ISO Demo v1.1c 276MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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