Puzzle Gallery Cliff Johnson / Miles Computing, Inc. 1990

The "sequel" of sorts to The Fool's Errand (first released in 1989 on MAC as At The Carnival), Cliff Johnson wasn't at his best in this puzzle collection designed around the "carnival" theme (the game takes a sardonic look at the amusement park biz through Johnson's eyes as a former employee), but that's not to say the game isn't good - it *is* a good collection of puzzles of many types, although none as original as those in its prequel. Still, there are a few pleasant surprises and good twists lurking among the anagrams, jigsaws, and other well-known parlor puzzles.
Full Demo & with DOSBox 554kb/1.84MB (uploaded by Old-Games.com)
Freeware MAC version (uploaded by Official Site)

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